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Alice Tye (b. 1991, Kent, UK) is a London-based illustrator and painter, represented by Jelly London. She studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and graduated in 2013 with a first class BA (Hons) degree. Tye has exhibited across London and has worked for a number of companies and publications such as Moët Hennessy, The Guardian and The Washington Examiner. 


I paint to document a subject as I see it and to represent it the way that my hand naturally paints lines and shapes. My paintings are realistic but they always have a human element to them, something a little off that makes them not quite perfect. I work in oil paints on paper and canvas and often use digital editing to create initial compositions as well as to make final adjustments. However I still paint each piece by hand to keep the brush stroke textures and marks in the work. 

I paint both landscapes and portraits and approach both formats with the same attention to detail and texture of brushstroke. Both cinema and architecture have been huge inspirations for my work since I began my career; I often use the visual language of films in both my compositions as well as my colour palettes. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the world we see filtered through popular culture and the reality of that world. My work is also inspired by my travels, capturing my experiences of a place or a journey; I have painted numerous series based on trips to the USA and Japan.